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General terms for coating of profiles

Delivery date
The delivery date is within 7 days. When ordering foils that are in stock, the delivery term can be shortened as agreed upon.
The terms shall be applied subject to compliance with the following conditions.

Terms of delivery

  • A binding purchase order approved by the contractor. The binding purchase order shall include a sectional view of required profiles intended for coating in the scale 1:1 in a drawing form.
  • The profiles delivered for coating may not be damaged, greased or polluted otherwise
  • It is necessary to deliver 6 common meters of profiles in addition to the required consumption for the start-up of that particular profile as these 6 common meters may be impaired.
  • At least 18 common meters of every profile shall be ordered. When coating a smaller quantity, we charge the same price as for 18 common meters of coated profile.
  • The contractor is allowed to specify the manufacturer of the foil for laminating

Terms of payment 

  • In case of regular co-operation, individual agreement is possible
  • In case of requesting non-standard foils, both term and price shall be approved by the contractor
  • The maturity of other tax documents is 14 days

Technical conditions

  • On ends of profile bars, 10 cm from each side shall be considered for cutting.
  • The profiles may be used for window production after min. 48 hours from the coating
  • Profiles designed for the production of arch windows shall be stored for 6 weeks, at least
  • Colour foils are not resistant to powder and sand washing agents, organic solvents, their mixtures and preparations
  • The technology is designed for coating plastic and aluminium profiles intended for construction window industry or other industries dealing with PVC material (that means the foil can not be used for profiles which are not based on PVC)
  • Aluminium profiles shall only be delivered with colour modification “KOMAXIT” with due and complete technology; colour treatment shall be realized in compliance with the GSB standard.
  • The warranty applies subject to using foils in Central European area, it lasts two years.
  • By the foils of series 425 there is an afterglow in the area of welds during the production of windows; this effect has no impact on durability and quality of the foil
General terms for sale of products

General terms for sale of products follow the Commercial Code


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